04 fevereiro, 2010

India 2010

I've just came back from India, 2 weeks ago.

An intense experience. A must-do experience, for sure, because of it's intensity, because is so new for us western, because it has something spiritual and human of going and trying the ways other people live (a lot times with so much less than
us here)

was warm. also intense and busy. and beautiful and unseen. eventually relaxed.

we started in tamil nadu. big cities, shock. then small turistic city with beach!

it was getting heavy with all the problems surrounding us. poverty, noise, chaos, social injustice. we decided to change plans. we took a flight to goa.

in goa you can be a turist as we are used to. wear bikini or speedo for instance. forget the problems, relax and spend little in a lot of things -- india is really cheap... what makes the rest of the world VERY expensive for the indians. quite sad...

then last week around mumbai, in the marahastra state. hill station called matheran. beautiful, lots of nature not so touched by mankind -- something harder and harder to find in india, animals, no traffic.

then the ajanta caves, with buddhist temperas and sculptures. amazing!

then 3 last days in mumbai, with all the crazyness and fascination it provides.

it was weird to come back to here after India. i noticed i actually started loving netherlands. it is strange. loving or just getting used to it, i m not totally sure what. maybe netherlands attract because of my laziness.